About Finn™

 (Founder of Finn, Caleb Gaston- Instagram: @caleb.gaston)

As an outdoor enthusiast and avid traveler, @caleb.gaston decided to create a brand that combined his love for the great outdoors and physical fitness- So he created Finn Apparel- a brand that caters to men and women who live an active, outdoor lifestyle.
Our vision is to inspire and motivate people to become more engaged with the outdoors and all it has to offer us. Whether it be a trip to the beach, lake or river- or a casual day out on the town, our apparel looks great anywhere you go.
F.A. proudly donates a portion of its proceeds to multiple organizations ranging from animal abuse to environmental conservation, and we want to thank everyone who has helped us make a difference thus far!
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Mission Statement: " LETS GET LOST.™ "
F. IN N.™ ("free in nature") est. 2016